The Archived

(Isn’t this cover gorgeous?!)

Plot At A Glance:

Mackenzie Bishop has trained her entire life to protect the memories of the dead for the Archive. The Archive is a mystical place, trapped in a dimension just beside our own, where the bodies and memories of the dead are housed like books on a shelf. Normally they just kind of lie there. Except something is waking them up, and altering their histories. Haunted by losses of her own, the lines between life and death, right and wrong, begin to blur for Mackenzie as she struggles to piece together a mystery that threatens all she holds dear.



I loved this book! Schwab created an original, inventive and fast paced contemporary fantasy novel in The Archived that sucked me in from page one. I picked this book up when a bookgroup I’m a part of started it as a group read for the month of January and boy am I glad I did.

Some fantasy novels in both the YA and adult genres seem to take their sweet time getting the reader into the meat of the story which drags the pace to a screeching halt. I really appreciated that this wasn’t the case here. Schwab drops the reader right into the thick of things and asks that they trust her guidance and learn via experience instead. The thing is, it’s never confusing or hard to follow and that’s thanks to the first person narration through the character of Mackenzie.

Straight up, Mackenzie’s perspective is fun and easy to read. Schwab has a real command of wit and humor that she employs through her narration, which is important because the content is really dark. We’re dealing with the dead and memories of the dead. Which is why I think it’s great that Mackenzie’s perspective often injects a little bit of levity into the narrative. With the mix of drama and wit, I felt at times like I was reading a new age version of this:


(If you don’t know that this is Buffy Summers, get thineself to a television – STAT!)

This is a compliment of the highest order coming from me, as Buffy was and always will be one of my favorite shows of all time. Mackenzie seemed to have a lot of that trademark wit I loved so much. I could read this character’s voice forever and not get bored.

This book’s got it all: drama, intriguing mysteries, a love triangle and a few cute leading male characters to boot. If you haven’t got this on your shelf to read, I urge you to add it and give it a try. I’m glad I did!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 = 5 stars!

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