{Aside} New Bookshelf Show Off!

I haven’t done a lot of of personal posts yet on this blog, save for a couple of book hauls, but I figured I would add an Aside tag that I could use to just convey general messages to people that follow me. Anything I post with this tag will still pertain to reading in some way. It’s mostly meant to encompass all the other thing that are important to me aside from reviews, bookhauls and memes. And yes, that’s me up there in the image I attached to this post. 🙂

This week, I really wanted to share my excitement over my BRAND NEW BOOKSHELF!


I have a second bookshelf in my house, but it’s not nearly as nice so I have it tucked away in another room. It’s also a bit smaller than this one, so I was really out of space on it. Like stacking books in various places throughout my home like some sort of book hoarder. I convinced Mr. Bastion to let me pinch some pennies and spring for a better shelf I could put right in the heart of our house.

It came today while I was at the gym. I was so excited to see it I took the quickest shower of my life so I could put it together. Of course, some assembly was required and of course I’m a total nincompoop when it comes to following directions so I had to disassemble it and re-assemble the top half correctly at least once.

Anyway, now it’s done! I split my physical books between my two shelves, bringing the majority of my favorites over to this one. The top two shelves are all of my recent bookhauls from the past month or so that I have to read ASAP!



Let me know what you think? Do you have your books on display in your place? Are you running out of space like I was? How do you combat that besides buying more shelves? 

23 thoughts on “{Aside} New Bookshelf Show Off!

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    1. I stole the moniker from you actually. I thought it was cute that you call Mr. Humphrey by his last name, and I don’t really want to include Mr. Bastion by his name in my posts since he’s not asked to be a part of my blogging. 🙂

      Thank you Chelsea for always inspiring me!

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  1. Oooh very nice! Additional shelving is always such a thrill. I had one bookcase that was overstuffed until about a year ago, so other books I picked up were sadly living on the floor (along with a giant bag of books that a friend moving to New Zealand left for me) until I had the space for them. It was a pretty exciting day when I got a second bookcase!

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    1. It’s funny how quickly we outgrow our bookshelves. I’m growing more and more grateful for my Kindle, because if I owned all of those books in paper copies too I think I’d be swimming through my books from room to room. 😛


      1. I’m lucky enough to live in a city with a large public library system, so I take full advantage of that and borrow most books. These days I try and only buy keeper copies of books I absolutely loved that I know I’ll want to re-read in the future and new books in series I love and can’t wait to read. I’d like to get an e-reader in the future though, certainly handier for new releases and for giveaways!

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  2. Your shelf is so neat, I wish mine looked like this! I have too many books that don’t fit on my shelf anymore so they’re just all piled up on top each other and it’s just really ugly 😀 I’ll have to get a new shelf soon!

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    1. It is great! Brom is one of my favorites!! “The Child Thief” is right next to Lost Gods on that shelf, but that copy is far more worn from use so I faced Lost Gods instead haha. (If you haven’t read TCT you totally should!) He’s such a creative author and artist!

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      1. I’ve been equally eyeing The Child Thief! Sadly, you can’t buy the book anywhere in the stores here in Sweden, so I always forget to buy it like online or so. But think I’m gonna buy it next time 😀

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      2. Yeah! I actually discovered him because the book was recommended to me on Goodreads because of similar reads, and it both sounded and looked awesome! So is on the top of my wish-list (and I gotta have a copy in my hand, the book looks too beautiful to be bought as a kindle/ebook edition)

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      3. Both Lost Gods and The Child Thief are filled with Brom’s paintings and sketches of his characters and certain settings in the stories, so I definitely recommend a physical copy. An ebook just wouldn’t do his artwork justice!

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