{Top 5} Sci-Fi or Fantasy TBR

Another week, another Top 5 Wednesday topic! And it just so happens to be one I’m extremely passionate about!

Fun fact about me: I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre. I grew up with movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, and devoured any fantasy novels I could get my hands on as a kid. Those experiences instilled in me a passion for the genre that has never faded. That being said, with University work and real-life work, I willingly shifted gears away from a lot of massive tomes I desperately want to read, in favor of shorter stories in the YA genre.

With that said, I’m almost done with school! I have 3 more weeks and then finals, then I walk in graduation in May. I technically have to take one more class in the summer semester and I’ll have my degree, but 1 class instead of 5 will give me so much more time to read! I can’t wait. I’ve purchased a lot of those books that I’ve put off over the years and plan on making them TOP priority very soon.

They are:

{Top 5} Sci-Fi or Fantasy TBR


by John Gwynne
The Faithful and the Fallen – Book #2

I read John’s debut fantasy novel Malice back in 2016 and absolutely loved it. This is a series fashioned in the same medieval armor as Game of Thrones. There are multiple character POVs, Kings, Armies, and fantasy beasties galore. One thing that amazed me about the first book (and still continues to wow me as I re-read it this month) is how well John Gwynne executes his plot points and character development over time.

The series is a slow burn, for sure. You spend an awful lot of time getting to know characters in book 1 before the plot really starts rolling, but it all serves a purpose as the speed of things pick up. I cannot wait to see where the story goes next. I went out last month and bought Valour, Ruin, and Wrath, (all the remaining books in the series) so now I have no excuse not to finish!

{Words of Radiance}

by Brandon Sanderson
The Stormlight Archives Book #2
Words of Radiance

Another sequel I am absolutely dying to read! Don’t ask me how, but I somehow found the time to read the first book in this series, The Way of Kings, early last year and immediately ordered the second book to read. Then, when it arrived and I saw how absolutely massive it was, it unfortunately had to be placed on hold. I just had way too many other things going on to even dream about tackling a book over 1000 pages and giving it the attention it deserved.

That being said, Kalidan and Shallan are two characters that have long run around in circles inside my mind. I am dying to find out where their stories go next! Brandon Sanderson is just such a wildly inventive writer. The world felt so diverse and imaginative. I can’t believe some of the stuff he comes up with! Seeing as book 3 just had its cover reveal, I am even more excited about reading this! I’m planning on picking this series back up the day I graduate.

{Gardens of the Moon}

by Steven Erikson
The Malazan Book of the Fallen #1
gardens of the moon.jpg

I have heard so many good things about Steven Erikson, and this series. I’ve been desperate to read it for awhile now! For some reason though, my local bookstore only carries the books in Mass Market Paperback, so I’ve been hesitant to buy them. My poor eyes just can’t handle the tiny font of MMP! Plus, I just don’t like the feel of them in my hands in comparison to a trade paperback or hardcover. Imagine my delight then when I went out of town on a day-trip and came across a gigantic Barnes & Noble (seriously this thing was 2 stories tall) that had the first book in this series in Trade Paperback!

I snatched it up immediately and now it lives on my bookshelf, calling my name. I’m so excited to start this series, but a little afraid to at the same time because I know it’s going to be a huge time commitment!

{Theft of Swords}

by Michael J. Sullivan
The Riyria Revelations Book #1
Theft of Swords.jpg

When fans start talking about specific genres, certain authors names are going to crop up, and Michael J. Sullivan is another one of those authors that you just hear about in the fantasy community, over and over again. I really feel like I’ve been missing out by never giving his books a chance. Plus, a lot of my friends who have read or are reading the series on Goodreads seem to love it! So, in order to force myself into it in a way, this was another series that I went out and bought the first 3 books of last month. Now I have no excuse. Once school is over, I’m settling down and reading them all!

{The Emperor’s Blades}

by Brian Staveley
Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne Book #1

When I found out that Brian Staveley lives in my home state of Vermont, this book absolutely shot up my TBR list. I won’t lie, I went out immediately and bought all 3 books in the series because I absolutely have to support local authors. ❤ The story sounds so intriguing, and the covers (especially of the last 2 books) are so awesome. Every time I walk past my bookshelf this series calls to me and I have a feeling that even though I have some anticipated reads ahead of me, this series will quickly find its way to the front of the pack.

What do you think about my choices? Are you a fantasy buff? Have you read any of these, which ones would you recommend I read first? What genre or books do you want to read but have put off due to the time commitment it would take to read?

Thanks for reading!



19 thoughts on “{Top 5} Sci-Fi or Fantasy TBR

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  1. I really liked The Emperor’s Blades by Brian Staveley, it’s a quality read.

    Valour is great, Malice will always be my favourite book in the series, there’s just something about meeting the characters for the first time but Valour is great, so are Ruin and Wrath, books 3 and 4. Wrath was my book of the year for last year and The Faithful and the Fallen series is my favourite fantasy series.

    Gardens of the Moon is great, Malazan is epic, such a complex series. GOTM isn’t easy to get into, Erikson doesn’t hold your hand and throws you straight in and it’s confusing to begin with, but it’s definitely worth sticking with as it is quality.😀

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    1. Drew, I’m *so* glad to hear from a huge fantasy buff like yourself on this post! I am so excited to continue the with Valour, Ruin and Wrath. Pretty much everyone I know who has read all the books agree that the entire series is awesome, so I’m glad to see you agree! Thanks for forewarning me about GOTM. I love complex worldbuilding in novels, so I really think I’m going to enjoy it. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s very true, I don’t remember reading or seeing any bad/negative reviews for any of The Faithful and the Fallen books, there’s bound to be some out there but all the positive ones far outweigh them.

        Awesome, complex world building is great, definitely agree there, a few people seem to give up on it due to the complexity (for some strange reason) but it has it all, great characters, writing, world building and GOTM is perhaps the weakest book in the series, my personal favourites were books 2 & 3 and you can tell Erikson improves as a writer in them.

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  2. Steven Erikson has been on my tbr for a long long time as well. I even bought a copy of Gardens of the Moon, but still haven’t picked it up. Maybe this will be the year! I haven’t read any Sanderson either, so I definitely need to tackle one or both of them soon.

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  3. I also grew up on Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal so my passion for sci-fi fantasy was inspired by movies like that too! I love complex world building… I’ve got to check these out! I normally stay within the YA genre because those authors write with more emotion. Adult fantasy has been known to put me to sleep even when I’m enjoying the book!

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    1. Adult fantasy is definitely REALLY heavy on characterization over plot, so it feels like things move incredibly slowly until the magic really starts going down. I’d recommend trying “The Way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson some time! It’s Adult fantasy, but is really fast-paced and quite a lot of magic and battle scenes throughout. You’d probably enjoy it!

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  4. I like this! Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen belongs to my favourite series! Words of Radiance is brilliant – just as good as ‘Way of Kings’. Maybe wait a little to read, so the wait for book 3 won’t be as long for you 😀

    Wasn’t a fan of ‘The Emperor’s Blades’, but I’ve seen that lots of people love it!

    Enjoy all of those 🙂

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