{Interview} w/ Lynda Renham – author of Remember Me

I love reading author interviews on other blogs, but this will be the first I’ve hosted myself. It’s been a really fun experience, getting to know the author behind a book I really enjoyed reading. Interviews give such a great insight into the process and experiences authors go through to put their work out into the world, so I really hope to make this a regular series on my blog in the future!

I read and reviewed Lynda Renham’s first psychological thriller Remember Me earlier this month and truly enjoyed it. I was delighted when when Lynda herself agreed to humor me asking her a few questions for a featured post on my blog.

Plot at a Glance


When Sharni and Tom move in next door, Clare and Tom are initially excited. Sharni seems eager to help out by watching Ben, their two-year-old son – and when money’s tight the feeling of relief from having to keep him in nursery is undeniable. But Clare just can’t shake the feelings of anxiety whenever she’s around Sharni. Are they justified, or just the product of an overactive imagination. When strange coincidences begin to pile up, and Sharni’s influence begins to extend into every facet of Clare’s life, she finds herself locked in a battle for her sanity, as well as her family.

Interview with Lynda Renham

What drew you to the suspense genre in particular?

Ooh, if I’m going to be totally honest it was all because of writers block. I was planning to write another romantic comedy but nothing seemed to come but the idea for my latest novel Remember Me kept flowing through my mind. I finally decided I had to write it and that was the beginning of the novel.

What challenges have you faced in transitioning to writing within a new genre from your other published works?

There is a lot more work involved in the plotting of a thriller than there is in a comedy romance. I found that very challenging though and enjoyed writing the novel a great deal.

What inspired you to write this story in particular?

The initial idea came when we were having dinner at a friend’s house and I was admiring all their crockery. Until finally my friend said, ‘we’ll come to your house and find you’ve bought the same things.’ That set off an idea and I guess that was where Remember Me was born.

What does your writing process look like?

It looks like utter confusion to anyone else I imagine. There is a lot of procrastination. A lot of raiding food cupboards and a fair bit of crying but eventually the work gets done.

Are you planning anymore suspenseful stories in the future?

Yes, I would like to write more. I have some ideas floating around in my head as we speak.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Never give up. Never let criticism hold you back. There’s a lot to learn from criticism. Keep pushing no matter how many setbacks you have. Make sure you learn your craft well. There are lots of workshops and creative writing courses. Listen to advice and put it into practice if you know it is good advice and read a lot.

Any suggestions for writers block?

No not really. I want someone to tell me how to deal with that one. I think the important thing is to not panic and just keep writing. Out of all those words you will find a gem and it usually starts to flow then.

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That’s all for this week’s interview! Thanks for reading!



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