{Review} The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson & The Olympians #2: The Sea of Monsters

by Rick Riordan
Published April, 2006
Goodreads: See here
Middle Grade Fantasy/Mythology

Plot at a Glance:


The story of Percy Jackson continues in this second installment to the acclaimed Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. This time, Camp Halfblood is the one in mortal danger. Thalia’s tree, the protective charm that guards the camp, has been poisoned and is dying. Percy and his friends set out to retrieve the mythical Golden Fleece to save their camp before it’s too late

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I always get a bit nervous going into the second book in a series. There’s a lot of pressure on the author to prove that the first wasn’t just a fluke, and that they can keep the story compelling over the course of a number of middle-books in the series before reaching the grand finale. I had faith in Rick Riordan though – considering the legacy of popular series he’s written – and I’m happy to say that he didn’t let me down.

Percy remains one of my new favorite narrative voices I’ve encountered over the course of this year. He’s so sarcastic and full of good humor that I find myself chuckling over the things he thinks or says. Knowing that this series is written for children, I appreciate his character even more. Percy is easy for boys relate to which is great. There is a distinct dearth of strong male figures in reading geared towards kids in my opinion, so I’m definitely glad Rick Riordan’s characters and stories somewhat fill that void.

The story is slightly less compelling than the first book, only because we’ve already been immersed in this world where the Gods exist. There’s less to learn about now, so in some ways it feels a bit less mysterious and more familiar. I wasn’t as invested in the sideplot with Grover or the cyclops either, but I definitely think it’s silly and lighthearted enough that children are sure to enjoy it.

Truth be told,, I’d love this story just for introducing the Hippocampi: the mythological seahorses that Percy and his friends use to traverse through their journey on the Sea of Monsters. They were beautiful and the perfect addition to the world and its magic. Then again, I’m a total sucker for magical creatures in general, which is a big reason why this series appeals to me so.

My only real complaint about this entry to the PJ series is that the stakes felt a little bit low. I know that we’re moving towards an epic conclusion, so things will ramp up gradually here, but the main plot was resolved at about the 85% point and the remainder before the final 3 pages felt like pointless page-filler.

All in all though, this was a worthy continuance to Percy’s story, and I’m so excited to see where it goes next!

🌟🌟🌟🌟✯= 4.5/5 stars

Note from Bentley: 

I’m so sorry for being absent this past week! I was really busy. I had a lot of family in town, celebrating graduation, etc. Plus, I convinced Mr. Bastion that I absolutely had to have a kitten, so a lot of my energy has been going towards wrangling her! WordPress, meet Frankie, the newest addition to my family!

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I promise to be a lot more present this week and going forward!



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