{Monthly Wrap Up} June 2017

Halfway through the year already! Where has the time gone? I swear, it was January and I was just starting this blog only a few weeks ago, then I turn around and I’ve been at this for months. This was a really fun month of growth personally and professionally for me. I’m completely done with school now – yes, I am free! So I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on what it’s like to live in the real world for awhile in between all the book stuff.

Not to mention I had a couple of really well received blog posts/reviews this month that generated a lot of discussion, which was a challenge to stay on top of. I try to reply to every comment, so if I somehow missed something along the way please let me know!

I got some great reading done this month too that I’m really proud of. I’m 50% done with my yearly challenge, and actually a couple of books ahead of schedule at this point which is going to be crucial for the months ahead, because I’ve got some new personal goals that are going to challenge me in new ways – but more on that later.





  • The Black Witch by Laurie Forest – 5/5 stars – This post was another one that blew up for me. It seemed to resonate with a lot of people, which is great because it also discusses creative freedom and letting authors write what they want.
  • Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews – 3.5/5 stars
  • Alien: Covenant by Alan Dean Foster – 4/5 stars


  • The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan – Review to come shortly!

This was my best month so far in my blogging hobby! 9 full books read, and one novella! I definitely had some hits and misses in there, especially in the early/middle of the month which I feel like slowed me down a bit, but then I ended out the month with some books I just breezed through because that’s how much I was enjoying them.

My review for The Titan’s Curse I unfortunately didn’t have the time to include in this month’s posts as I just am finishing out the last few pages of the book, but it will be up shortly so keep an eye out for that!

other posts

I threw myself back into blogging in a big way this month, trying to get more involved in the community; participating in Top 5 Wednesdays; and I even managed to spark a couple of discussion posts that got way more traction than I’d expected them to!


All of the books I bought in the month of June! I’m on a self-imposed buying ban until I read through some of the many that I own. Also, I’m taking a break at this point from requesting ARCs, just because I really need to work through my backlog of owned-TBR books. All photos courtesy of my instagram @bookbastion

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This was probably my best (read: most productive) month so far! I’m planning to change things up in a big way next month though so I’ll be interested to see how that changes my progress. Now that I’m a big, bad college graduate, I absolutely have to force myself to start working my real goal: becoming a published author myself. I have always had stories tumbling around inside my head, and now it’s time to try and get one fully out and into the world.

I have no intentions to slow down on my goal (yet) or my blogging. I’m hoping that writing creatively can take up the time I would have otherwise spent working on school work. We’ll see how it goes! I’m not sure yet how I’m going to incorporate my writing progress into this blog, or even if I will at all. I don’t want to weigh my blog down with a bunch of mopey: “I have writer’s block, again, -_-” posts that I’m sure I’d be liable to write – repeatedly.

Because of this, I’m no longer going to be making a “Planned Reads” post at the start of each month. Instead, I’ll be posting weekly updates on what I’m reading, and a summary at the end of the week, recapping. These might be combined into one post, I’m still deciding exactly how it will work. If you work of a weekly recap/weekly planned reads format let me know how you do it. I could use the suggestions!

Wish me luck, and see you next month!



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  1. What great reading month you had! 9 Books would be like a dream to finish… I was really disappointed you didn’t like The Evaporation of Sofi Snow better, that was a bummer. Your discussion posts have been really great! And I love that table you take pictures on, wow, so jealous 🙂 Good luck on the writing front, you need tons and tons of self motivation!!

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    1. Thank you, Dani! Did you read TEoSS? I tried to like it, I promise. It was okay, but too many aspects of it rubbed me the wrong way. And I actually take pictures on 2 separate tables, plus another wooden shelf. I just love the look of the woodgrain in the back of the photos. Gives them a lot of warmth I think.

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  2. Congrats on your new college graduate status!!! 🎉📚🎉that’s awesome! & def should fee up time for creative writing as you mentioned. I was actually reading your Black Witch review on Goodreads today & found myself agreeing with so many points you made so well. I haven’t read it yet however it was on my TBR until it became a ish show smh & then I just set it to the side. I’ve been thinking a ton about reading and how much of a personal experience it’s meant to be & it tied into your thoughts in this book. Def taking the “I’ll see for myself” route when it comes to debuts, it seems like the right thing to do. Anyways, awesome Month & I wish you a EPIC July 😃💙📚💙

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  3. I’m sure you’ve seen this but I love the it’s Monday what are you reading post hosted by Bookdate. It helps keep me on track and I link back to all my reviews from the previous week so helpful if anyone misses stuff. You know I can be a little post happy haha.

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      1. When I was a new blogger I checked out tons of different weekly posts and that was my favorite. Or just do your own thing! Chelsea’s wrap ups are great, I love how she adds her Instagram pics and book mail! I’m not that organized lol

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  4. 9 books? Wow, great job!
    I’m a little nervous about “The Evaporation of Sofi Snow.” I enjoyed Mary Weber’s other series, though, so I do hope to at least try Evaporation.
    I’ve not read a Leigh Bardugo book yet. I FINALLY got a hold of a copy of “Shadow and Bone” at the library, but, before I could read it, I had to return it because they would not let me renew it. 😦
    Best of wishes on your writing journey, and congrats on graduating, too. 😁

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    1. Thanks Grace! You know, I heard good things about Mary Weber’s other series too, so perhaps I just was in the wrong head space for it. I definitely think you should give it a go if you know you enjoy her writing already. 🙂

      And what a bummer about Shadow and Bone! Leigh Bardugo was one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve come across this year. She’s very talented.


  5. I have started to get through my TBR books as well and in the beginning it was really hard not buying more books but after time it got easier. Now I have reduced my TBR from 90 to 45 wich is great! Still I need to buy 2 books this weekend, but I think that okey 😛

    Blogging is fun huh? Have just started mine myself and now a bookstagram to. Time really flies!

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  6. Looks like you’ve had a fantastic month when it comes to reading AND blogging!

    And wooo congrats on graduating, that’s really cool! I am finishing my first year of uni at the end of July which is super exciting (and just a tiny bit stressful haha) 😊

    Good luck with all your future plans especially the writing part! I wish I had more time to write because all these ideas in my head need to be let out!!! I can’t wait to be on summer break and hopefully get a bunch of writing done!

    Have a great July 😊

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  7. Congratulations on graduating college! I’m a recent graduate, as well. Ain’t it great to be free?? XD Looks like you read some really interesting books this month! It’s always a great feeling when you get a solid month of reading done 🙂 I was going to start on Falling Kingdoms this month, I think, but I’ve read some pretty mixed reviews about it. Seeing your rating, I’m a bit more scared to start reading it now lol. I’m hoping the first book is interesting enough to keep me reading! And I haven’t finished the Grisha trilogy just yet. Still need to read Ruin and Rising myself. It sounds like it’ll be a pretty satisfactory ending, though. Haven’t heard of Demon in the Wood, but I’ll read anything by Leigh Bardugo, so that’s instantly going on my TBR. It seems you had a pretty good book haul, and your bookstagram is lovely! I’ve just found your blog so I’ll have to explore more of those discussion posts! 😀 Happy reading!

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    1. Thank you so much! It feels amazing to be free from school. I just took the whole holiday weekend and just relaxed for the first time in ages and it felt so great.

      Falling Kingdoms is one of those series that people seem to either love, or hate. I think if you read the first book and dislike it, you’re probably best off just dropping the series entirely. I’m actually about to pick up book 3 for my buddy read group and I am literally dreading it haha.

      Demon in the Wood is so good! It’s a short story about the Darkling – around 35 pages long.

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      1. Aw relaxation. Perfect bliss. For now, at least lol. Hope all your post-grad plans go well!

        And oh no LOL. It’s really disappointing when a series turns out like that. I’ll read the first book soon. I’m really hoping I’ll enjoy it. But if I don’t, then I’ll just take your advice and leave it alone haha.

        Oh my god I love The Darkling. I MUST read it now ❤

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  8. Good post. Glad things are taking off seriously for you. I particularly enjoyed your Done Apologizing one 😀

    Here’s a non-post related question [which I’m also asking Mogsy over at Bibliosanctum]:
    You have one of those cool picture signatures. How do you find it easily in your wordpress picture folder? I have to scroll through the hundreds of pictures I have to find the bookstooge one whenever I write a post. Is it different for you since you have your own dot net site?
    thanks for any thoughts/insights.

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    1. So sorry about the lateness of this reply!! Life has been crazy, per usual. As for my picture signature – I actually cheat and added my picture to the bottom of all of my specific wordpress templates. For example, when I do an ARC review I find my last post titled {ARC Review} “book title here”, and I just COPY the entire blog post, delete out everything but the signature. So then my signature is always right there and I don’t have to go find it every time.

      I hope I explained that in any sort of sensible manner!

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      1. No worries!
        And thanks for your explanation. Mogsy clued me in to the search function in the picture area, so that helped. I might try copying it a time or two to see which works better for me.


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