{Wrap Up} July 2017 – Week 3 Wrap Up!


What I Reviewed:

Assassin’s Apprentice
by Robin Hobb

A high fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy about a young assassin named Fitz. This is the start of Robin Hobb’s epic fantasy world, in which she has centered a bulk of her books and later series in. I quite enjoyed this! It was a very pleasant surprise. As always, click the photo to check out the full review.

The Passage
by Justin Cronin
The Passage

A sci-fi / horror thriller, The Passage was one of my favorite finds this year. Justin Cronin combines great literary skill with an intricate and absorbing plot that I couldn’t put down. Also the first book in a series, which continues with The Twelve, and then City of Mirrors. 

What I’m Currently Reading:

By John Gywnne

Finally, I have made the time to start this book! It’s been on my list since completing and reviewing Malice, earlier this year. This is epic fantasy at its most action-packed. Battles and fantasy mayhem abound throughout. I’m about 75% through with anticipating for completing this tonight, so keep an eye out for my review tomorrow or Monday.

Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms Series – Book 3)
by Morgan Rhodes

I’m nearly 10 chapters in (will be hitting that mark tonight) with the fantasy league reading group on Goodreads. I don’t really know what to say about this one though. I think I’m burning out on Morgan Rhodes. Her writing and characters are just exhausting to me. They’re not so much real people as they are constantly shifting actors whose personalities and motives change each time they’re on screen. It get exhausting after awhile.

Aliens: Bug Hunt
by Johnathan Mayberry and assorted authors.
a - bh

This is an anthology I picked up in a Kindle daily deal. I needed something to read on my kindle while I did cardio at the gym. I’m not loving this nearly as much as I hoped I would though. I’m about 50% through at this point, and most of the stories I’ve read have been a let down, although there have been a few gems along the way. Full review to come later this week!

Books I Hauled:

I did end up buying two books yesterday, even though I fully intended on slowing down. I’m also expecting some book mail early this week so I’m planning on doing a full post of all those books that I’ll be adding to my collection, so keep an eye out for that too.

Netgalley Update

Technically, I was good this week and didn’t actually request anything new on Netgalley! That being said, I also decided it was high time to start reaching out to publishers and putting my name out there as a book blogger with interest in reading and reviewing more ARCs in the future. I got a response from a lovely contact at Tor/Forge and am anticipating some bookmail from them sometime next week.

They also auto-approved me for a sci-fi YA thriller called Ferocious by Paula Stokes on Netgalley, which I’ll be reviewing sometime next month.

Writing Update

I wish I had a better update for my writing this month! It’s been a busy week for me outside of the book blogging community. Lots of stuff going on, and I had company over a couple times this week which made sitting down to write difficult. I also realized that my WIP and certain characters/plot points need some work before I try immersing myself within the bulk of it. So much of what I did end up writing this week ended up being plotting/planning and not actually part of the narrative. It doesn’t really feel right or fair to count any of it towards actual word-count goals seeing as much of it will probably change before all is said and done.

How is your month going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? Let me know in the comments section below!



13 thoughts on “{Wrap Up} July 2017 – Week 3 Wrap Up!

Add yours

  1. Good to see you’re enjoying the John Gwynne books! I read a sample of the first and liked it!

    I have a sample of a Jonathan Maberry novel as well – he’s writing lots of zombie stuff, but I still have to check if I like his writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, how do you manage to read that much 😀
    I was fifty-fifty over continuing the Falling Kingdoms series, only read the first book and didn’t liked it at all. Now its confirmed, I won’t. lol
    Though I like to believe that plotting/planning is just as productive use of a time as actual writing, its hard to make our brain believe that. Guilt in this field feels an integral part of life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha not having much of a social life helps. XD Truthfully, I am very strategic in my reading. I carry a book with me everywhere; I read on my lunch break; I do spinning (cardio) at the gym and read while on a spin bike, or I take my kindle with me and read while on a treadmill.

      I definitely understand not wanting to continue with the Falling Kingdoms series. Truth be told, even though I own all the books in the series I am debating DNFing the third book. I just have that little desire to see where the plot’s going to go next.

      And I hear you on planning/plotting vs actually writing. I plan to write fantasy, but in order to do that you have to develop a world that makes sense and feels real first, so it’s hard to find a balance that I feel comfortable with.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am also an aspiring fantasy author. Good to meet like minded peoples. 🙂
        And I really like your resilience in reading. I personally believe reading is just as integral to writing as the writing itself. 🙂
        I wish to be more productive in both sense though (and in blogging as well). 😦

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  3. I have been seeing the name Robin Hobb around a lot lately, is that a good author to really jump into fantasy. I have read a little bit but I want to jump in a read a full fantasy book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Truthfully, I don’t know that Robin Hobb is a good place to start with fantasy for a total newbie. She is a VERY talented author, but her prose is dense and slow-moving. I’d probably recommend Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn to a newbie. His prose is more fast paced and focuses more heavily on action.

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