{Wrap Up} July 2017 – Week 4 Wrap Up!

What I Reviewed:

By John Gywnne

Epic Fantasy. Valour is the first sequel to John Gwynne’s debut fantasy novel, Malice. I loved that book, and I loved this one just as much. This is a wild and action-packed ride from start to finish. Fans of fantasy with a lot of grit and a fast pace are sure to enjoy this one. As always, click the photo to read the full review if you haven’t already.

Aliens: Bug Hunt
by Johnathan Mayberry and assorted authors.
a - bh

Sci-Fi Action / Adapted from Existing Franchise. I was looking for a Kindle read to take with me to the gym and happened across a Kindle Daily Deal for this anthology of stories. They center around the Colonial Marines that are introduced in James Cameron’s Aliens film. Fans of the movie are sure to love this, although I did think some stories fell a bit flat. Check out the full review by clicking the photo above if you’re so inclined.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Historical Fiction / Women’s Fiction. I took a chance on this book, as it’s way outside my preferred genre choices, and I’m so glad I did. One of my favorite reads of the year thus far, and probably one of my favorite books in general. There’s so many great things to say about this book!

What I’m Currently Reading:

Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms Series – Book 3)
by Morgan Rhodes

Gracious, I seem to have stalled out on this book. I just can’t find the motivation to return to it. I’ve been reading so many great books this week and this one just falls so flat in comparison. Our Goodreads buddy-read group has sort of disbanded as well, or at least none of us are nearly as invested as we were when we started this read through. I might give this book one more go this week and try and catch up – or I might just DNF it. We’ll see.

Final Girls
by Riley Sager
final girls

I couldn’t help myself. Once I had this book in my hand, the horror fan in me had to shuffle it to the top of my to-be-read pile and get going on it! I’m 100 pages in and enjoying it thus far, although it does seem to be a bit of a slow burn thus far.

by Brian Jacques

Another case of me needing a Kindle read for the gym, and I happened upon a daily deal for the first three books in this series. I’ve read this book once before – in fact the first few books of this series were probably some of the first series books I read as a kid, but I remember next to nothing about them. I’m about 40% in at the moment and enjoying it thus far. I like how vastly different it is because it follows nonhuman characters. It’s still fantasy-lite, but it feels fresh and almost like watching one of those old cartoon movies from the 80s and 90s like the Secret of NIMH.

Books I Hauled:

I bought 3 physical books this week, and 3 kindle editions. I also ended up with a whole slew of other books that got sent to me in the mail. I wrote a whole post on them, which you can find here:

{Book Haul/Book Mail} July 2017

Netgalley Update

I was good this week and didn’t request anything new from Netgalley. I like my ratio right where it is and am focused on chipping away at some of my owned-tbr piles before I request too much more, so this might be sans-update of any importance for awhile.

Writing Update

My writing update is short but sweet this week. I’m still chugging along in the planning stages. I realized that some of my characters and aspects of the world didn’t seem to have much motivation besides just existing, so I did some research and have begun some writing practices that are solely personal, trying to get into the heads of characters and explore ideas about the world I’m building that I’m still confused about.

It’s amazing how when you sit down to write, you can have all these fabulous ideas spinning around in your head but it is still so difficult to put into practice. There’s a lot more work that people realize, trying to iron things out so that they make sense, and to connect plot points. It’s all well and good to know where points A and B are, but finding the way to the is the challenge I’m working to overcome.

How is your month going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? Let me know in the comments section below!



21 thoughts on “{Wrap Up} July 2017 – Week 4 Wrap Up!

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  1. Great update. Probably good you stayed away from NetGalley to give yourself a break to catch up! I’m glad you are still writing… you’re going through all the processes you need to develop your style. It’ll come to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jay! Yeah as much fun as I find Netgalley, I was finding that I went through a period where I was just requesting way too much. I have so many books I already own that I need to cool it a bit and will only request the ones I’m absolutely dying for.


      1. It’s so hard. Between ARCS publishers send me, books I want to read, NetGalley finds and writers asking me to read/review, I’m about 40 books out before I can choose something new. I’ve had to limit myself to 5 electronic books at any one point and whatever can fit on just this one physical shelf in my living room. Awful! 😛

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  2. Great month, and motivating for procastinators like me. I am doing great reading wise, writing has gone to byline these months since I am helping my mom shift her business online. So, a crap ton of work and a lot of learning is taking most of my time. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sucks about the Morgan Rhodes book! Especially since it’s the third.. But if it’s not good, better get to something else. I forced myself to finish a book last month and regret it haha 😀 But good that ‘Final Girls’ is better, although slow! I should read some more horror as well, I always enjoy it. But I only know Stephen King horror stories 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my gosh Redwall! I loved the books and the TV series growing up! I really enjoyed the series beforehand of Martin the Warrior! The stories are just wonderful! Seeing that definitely brings back some memories ha-ha! I just registered for a Netgalley account (finally) though I have no idea how it works yet…working on that ha-ha! So many things to learn in the book blogging world 🙂 Have fun reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Netgalley is pretty fun once you get the hang of it! Just be warned that when you start getting approved for books, you’ll get a ratio on your profile page that displays how many reviews you’ve turned in for books you’ve been approved for – so make sure to start out requesting one or two books, not a dozen. XD

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  5. I’m so behind with my reading! Everything is so shiny!!

    Good luck with your writing. I’ve been trying to get back to the book I should have long since finished…. I stepped away from an app game I’m addicted to, because it was far easier to lose myself playing the game than to write :/ So! I managed to get a satisfactory amount written before bed this morning (night shift worker here)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great Aislynn! I know how that feels to get so engrossed in mobile games. I basically uninstalled all of them from my phone because I too was finding that I sunk way too much time into them when I could have been reading or writing.


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