{Review} Percy Jackson IV: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson & The Olympians #3: The Titan’s Curse

by Rick Riordan
Published March 2008
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Middle Grade Fantasy/Mythology

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Plot at a Glance:

The story of Percy Jackson continues in this fourth installment to Rick Riordan’s beloved Middle Grade series. When demonic cheerleaders invade his new school, Percy is swept up into a whole new adventure. A new quest takes him and his friends from camp Half-blood into Deadalus’s fabled Labyrinth, a maze that runs beneath the skin of the world. As Percy and his friends search for the center of the maze, their time runs short and Kronos draws near.

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This entry to the Percy Jackson series just took things to a whole new level!

As a first time reader of the series, it blows me away that not only am I enjoying this series as an adult reader, but I’m actually finding that my excitement and love for it has grown with each book as well. The writing has improved, and the way that Riordan has slowly been building up the stakes in each story has definitely stoked my interest as well. I’m so hyped to see how the big showdown in the next book is going to go down!

I have to talk about the characters for a second. The dynamic Percy has with his friends has gotten better and better with each book. I never thought I could find another group of friends in a children’s story that I enjoyed quite as much as the gang from Harry Potter, but Percy’s gang of friends are just as compelling. I love the core trio (Percy, Annabeth and Grover) but the outliers that Rick Riordan has added on over the course of the series (like Tyson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Thalia) have grown on me as well.

None have grown on me more than Nico though. In the previous book, I had some real issues with Nico. In a lot of ways, this book seemed to build off of much that was introduced in the previous one and I thought it worked out well for Nico in terms of growth. I really felt for him and his struggles during this book. Also, I love his strange on-again, off-again burgeoning friendship with Percy. I’m very excited to see how that develops in the final book, especially considering the implications of their existence and the whole prophecy subplot that Rick Riordan has been establishing for 4 books now. Hopefully it doesn’t let me down!

I’m a sucker for magical locations and creatures in my fantasy – the stranger the better! So the fact that basically this entire book gets set in a spooky, atmospheric and magic-filled Labyrinth was essentially a dream come true for me. I think it had earned points in my mind for that before I’d even started the book, to be honest. Riordan doesn’t disappoint with the setting either, instead he utilizes the magical properties of the Labyrinth to introduce a whole host of memorable locations, creatures and events.

This is the most fun I’ve had in a Labyrinth since I had to rescue my stepbrother from goblins.

If I had to change one thing, I would have wanted this novel to be a trifle longer! While I think Riordan’s ability to write characters and plot a story is definitely improving, in some ways I wish the prose would slow down a bit and describe things a little bit more. There are certain scenes (particularly the action sequences in this book) that I felt like could have been a bit more grand or of a larger scale than they ended up feeling because the prose moves along with such zeal to get to the next event. Sometimes a sense of dread and danger is good, and I think it’s muddled a tiny bit in those fast-moving scenes.

With that being said, plot-wise and character-wise, this was definitely my favorite of the series! I love the way the main plot and theme of the series has sort of unfolded around Percy and the years he’s spent questing for the Gods of Olympus. I’m looking forward to seeing how his final clash with the Titans is going to turn out! Onwards to book 5!

🌟🌟🌟🌟= 4.5/5 stars

What did you think of this book? Without spoiling me for book 5 – give me your thoughts on the series! I’m ready to chat Percy Jackson with you all! 🙂



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  1. My son (who is 10) is slowly starting this series and loving it. He just walked into his 5th grade classroom for the first time last night for meet the teacher and she had a shelf of these. He immediately ran over and picked it up and started reading it. YAY! He was so excited his teacher likes Percy Jackson too!! lol… (she also had tons of other books but I couldn’t break his heart by pointing that out.) I’m so happy that adults and children can enjoy this series together, that I won’t be bored having to read this over and over again through three kids!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I could’ve stopped them.. Maybe it’s an inherited gene? They have books overflowing in their rooms and a communal bookshelf. For a 20min car ride they debate if 4 books are enough o-O So I think I’m okay on the reading end lol. It just makes my bookstore stops that much more expensive! hahah


  2. I just started reading the first book in the series myself and I’m blown away at how fast-paced it is and for a middle grade novel, I didn’t expect the banter to be this gooood! :’)
    I’m so glad you’re loving the series so far and great review as always, Bentley! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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