{Review} Percy Jackson V: The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson & The Olympians #V: The Last Olympian

by Rick Riordan
Published May 2009
Goodreads: See here
Middle Grade Fantasy/Mythology

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Plot at a Glance:

The story of Percy Jackson draws to its epic conclusion. The day of the prophecy has arrived. Kronos and his army approach NYC, and Mount Olympus. The halfbloods have been preparing for this fight all year long, but Kronos is stronger than ever – and there is a spy in their midst. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.

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Before you all start throwing lightning bolts at me, please keep in mind that in my book, a 3 star review is still a positive one! 

I just had a number of problems with this particular entry to the series that I couldn’t overlook and plan to discuss in depth.

Don’t get me wrong, The Last Olympian is definitely an entertaining spectacle from start to finish. The sense of action was on point, basically from page one until the very end. Rick Riordan certainly knows how to capture the audience’s attention with those chapter titles and the wild fight scenes dispersed throughout the story. Riordan also doesn’t disappoint in his inclusion of all sorts of mythological creatures, which are my favorite aspect of this series.

This book was sort of unusual in that when it starts the adventure and preparation for Kronos’ attack on Olympus is already ongoing, so there’s no usual retun to Camp Half Blood at the start, or any of the small events that go along with the time Percy usually spends there. In a way I missed it, but in another I actually somewhat liked having no down time.

Having the book jump straight into the chaos of war was a necessary choice for the final installment. The book even ends with a great deal of promise, which has made me sufficiently hyped to start Heroes of Olympus soon!

But, I had some problems with it.

Particularly the resolution of storylines, and the plot armor afforded to the main characters.

First of all as much as I love all of these characters, I was a bit perturbed by how easily anyone important seemed to avoid lasting harm. Not that I want to see all my babies in danger, but for the final book in the series you’d think the stakes would be raised a bit. Percy in particular gains some pretty unbelievable plot armor. I know Riordan was attempting to work in a bit more mythology here, but making Percy nearly impervious to harm in the 11th hour was a bit of a danger killer.

Another thing that I take slight issue with is the scope and emotion included in the prose; More specifically, how it never seems to grow. I hate to compare Middle Grade series to Harry Potter, but in my opinion, that’s the series that understood its audience was growing along with the books and adjusted accordingly. The tone of this series remains pretty steadfast from book 1 to book 5. It’s super funny, and full of action, but I had difficulty connecting with the characters emotionally, especially in this book. They seemed to dance around each other and saying what they meant in this book quite a lot, meaning certain subplots took much longer than they needed to to get resolved.

Speaking of subplots: There was an awful lot of half-started, promptly-abandoned storylines here. Rick Riordan did well tying up the main prophecy arc, but there are some brand new plot lines thrown in as well about some of the minor characters that seem to have been half-finished or not handled with much grace. Frankly, I was hoping for a lot more from the characters of Rachel and Nico in particular. I understand that the next series has some of these characters in a reoccurring fashion, so hopefully they get a bit more development there. Oh, and what was up with the Last Olympian, Hestia, who is in this book for all of like 15 pages? Considering the book is named after her, I expected more there as well.

Ultimately, I’m still really glad I read this series! I enjoyed every single book, and though I wasn’t particularly wowed by the ending, I can’t wait to jump into Heroes of Olympus next!

🌟🌟🌟 = 3/5 stars

What did you think of this book? What’s your thought on the entire series as a whole? Who is your favorite character? How is Heroes of Olympus? Let me know below!



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