{Book Haul/Book Mail} September 2017


Most of the photos below come from my instagram: @bookbastion

So, I’ve given up on my Mistborn boxset ever arriving. I’m planning on re-ordering it through another company (…if Book Depository ever refunds my money for the order…) so I’ll be excited to bring you photos of that box set eventually. It seems that the fates have aligned to keep me from reading that series!

I do have a couple of new additions to my collection to show off though!

A Natural History of DragonsA Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

Fantasy / Historical. This is far and away one of the most stunningly beautiful covers I’ve ever seen for a fantasy novel. In fact, I love the simplistic and focused art style on the covers for the entire series. I only own this one so far, but I would collect them all just because of the covers. Can’t wait to read it soon!

The Liars KeyThe Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence

Fantasy / Epic Fantasy. Here’s the thing: I bought and read Prince of Fools probably 2 years ago now, but my local bookstore has never carried the remainder of the series in stock. I happened across this hardcover copy of the sequel at a bookstore I was visiting out of town, and snatched it up immediately. I’m going to have to reacquaint myself with the first book but I’m just so glad to continue building my collection of the series.

A Monster Calls
A Monster Calls
by Patrick Ness

YA Fantasy. This is an immediate read for me. I’ve been eyeing it for so long! I’ve even put off seeing the movie, even though I really want to, just because I feel obligated to read the book first. I’ll be reading it early next month to kick off my month of October.

Dark Matter
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Science Fiction Thriller. I posted this image on my instagram earlier tonight and received the biggest and most immediate response I’ve ever had on any of my pics. It appears this book is really beloved by a lot of people I connect with on instagram! The more I hear about it and the more I hear from people that loved it, the more excited I am to give it a go.

So that’s it! Those are all the books I’ve bought or acquired so far this month! Have you read any of these? What did you think of them? Follow me on instagram @bookbastion for future snaps of my books! 

Side note – I’m sorry for being sort of absent this week! Normally I’d have posted one review by now, but I actually ended up DNFing a book I was reading this week, and had some personal life things going on that kept me from actually finishing a book during the first half of this week. I’ll fill you all in on the book I didn’t finish and everything else later this week, in my wrap-up post.



26 thoughts on “{Book Haul/Book Mail} September 2017

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  1. I have A Natural History of Dragons too, and I really love the cover art!

    A Monster Calls is wonderful and I think you got the right edition. You can get one that just has the text and not the illustrations, and I feel like that will take away so much from the atmosphere of the book. The one you have has all those black and white drawings and they’re so wonderful! Warning: I cried so hard when I read it.

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    1. No it did not!! I’m so sad about it tbh. And Book Depository has basically dodged all of my emails about it, so I’ve yet to even be offered a refund. I won’t be ordering from them again, as much as I appreciate the UK covers to books. 😦

      I’m going to reorder Mistborn somewhere else the next time I get paid.

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      1. Yeah the whole process has been really annoying to be frank. I blame BD for having such a crappy shipping system (they use a combo of USPS and DHL) and I blame the post office because I’m fairly certain that my local one *did* get my packages, but then never scanned them in like they’re supposed to and they sat out back for awhile until they shipped them out again. So now they’re lost in the ether haha.

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  2. Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about you not receiving the Mistborn trilogy. I had ordered two books from Amazon which never came but was lucky enough to have it refunded. A Natural History of Dragons has an epic cover 🤤 I’d buy the entire set just because of that. I’m keeping off Dark Matter until December when I can read it without the pressure of studies 😂

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  3. Well damn Bentley, you’ve really got a great thing going on here. I’m very impressed with your site and the way that you write. It is pretty amazing!

    I also see that you have your own domain which I think is pretty beneficial for ranking on Google, correct? I’m just curious how I can learn from you and tried to implement some of the things you do on your site to get so much engagement from your followers. I would also love to have that on my site. Writing is fun as you know, but it takes a lot of work and time.

    I’d be happy to hear any of your pointers or tips that you might have for me. The main point of this comment though, is that I want to tell you how much I love your reviews.

    Matt Hutson

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    1. Hey Matt,

      Thank you for the compliments on my blog! I do have my own domain, but when I started it was with a free WordPress.com account. I prefer WordPress’s formatting and UI over any other blogging platform. I bought my own domain name when I realized that people were enjoying my reviews and I wanted to add some visibility to them.


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