Wrap Up | April 15th – April 21st

This has been a big week for the blog! For one, this is the first wrap up post I’ve written so far this year, so take that as proof that positive change was in fact taking place this week.

I’ve spoken a bit already about the horrible reading slump I was in early this year, and the difficulties I was having in shaking it. I can safely say that it’s completely past me now. This month I’ve been absolutely ravenous about getting back into reviewing and blogging like I was last year!

New Look |

Something that definitely helped perk my interest back up a little was making the decision to change up the look of my blog. I think the old, dark theme which suited at the time just wasn’t me anymore. Giving myself a project of re-formatting some of my posts and especially my featured image icons has sort of given me a reinvestment in the blog which I hope lasts me at least another full year.

Book Tags |

I also made the decision to start putting myself out there more into the community by participating in book tags. I’ve been sort of secretive about who I am behind all the reviews I write and even the conversations I participate in with others about the books we’re all loving and living for. I’m pushing through my own shyness and putting myself out there more this year.

I’ve participated in a couple of different tags already this week, and I’m really loving the response to them. It seems you all enjoy them, so I’m going to keep doing them and participating in the ones I’m tagged in in the future.

Review |

This week I read and reviewed The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton.

Image result for the queens of innis lear

I try to strive to read at least 2 books a week, but I’m considering this an accomplishment because this book was massive and ended up being a bigger investment of my time and attention than I was expecting when I first began it. It ended up being a really great high fantasy read in the end though, so I’m quite glad I stuck with it!

Netgalley |

For the most part, I’ve been really good about keeping myself in check with netgalley. I’m currently sitting at a 93% feedback ratio, as I just got approved for 2 advanced review copies this week! I’m going to behave myself and try not to request anything new until I at least get one of these books off my queue.

In The Eye of Heaven by David Keck & Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton. The former is a high fantasy offering, while the latter is a thriller. I’m excited for both, though the blogging community seems to be raving about Social Creature so I’m particularly hyped for that.

Discussion |

This week I hosted a discussion the blog, 8 Reasons Why Adults Should Read Young Adult Fiction. It was a topic that has been sort of on my mind recently when I was feeling a little judged for the books I’m usually buying and reviewing. There are so many social stigmas we readers face (usually from people who don’t read at all) and I’m all about breaking down those stigmas.

I wrote this post as a way to sort of challenge myself to challenge others, to change their way of thinking about Young Adult books. The stories are great, and more people should open themselves up to reading them. I honestly think more adults would be into reading if they knew how much fun the YA genre is today.

Bookstagram |

I changed up my blog theme last week, and now I’m changing up my Instagram theme this week. It’s a work in progress, but I’m really excited about it. Like my blog, I’m really feeling simple, clean and bright themes lately so my instagram is going to reflect that. Here’s a little sneak peek – follow me @bookbastion if you dig it!

Image may contain: flower and plant

Pinterest |

I also made myself a Pinterest account this week. I’m planning on using it primarily for book blogging related posts. If you’re a book blogger and you’re into pinning, let me know in the comments below so I can follow you!

Icons Collected |

I’ve decided that my featured images make cute icons now, so in each weekly wrap up I’m “collecting” and showing off the ones I’ve created for the week. You can click on each one to be brought to the associated post if you’ve not already read them!

My Life in Books tagWWW WednesdayThe Queens of Innis Lear
Why adults should read YASecret Life of a Book bloggerWrap final

How is your month going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? Let me know in the comments section below!




16 thoughts on “Wrap Up | April 15th – April 21st

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  1. yay all the changes Bentley! They look really great. And I imagine reading A Time of Dread would also count as reading two books for me. Funny enough that’s also my weekly goal: two books a week. Happy Sunday!

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  2. oh my god this post is so organized and pleasing. especially those icons??? i’m freaking out how are you so good at this


    1. Thank you, Jasmine. I thought the switch over to my own domain was quite easy. Just paid the amount to upgrade to Premium, and then bought the domain. WordPress allows you to add it really easily. There is an annual cost that you should be aware of though to renew.

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