Wrap Up | May 2018 – Week 3

After a more productive week last week, I was a bit slower this week and took some intentional steps back in small ways. I needed a bit of a breather and I’ve been sort of exhausted in the evenings recently, so I only managed to read and review one book this week. I’m a bit bummed about it, but hopefully I can chip away at a few more this week.

Reviews |

I read and reviewed Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. This week.


Fantasy. I have no idea why I put this book off for as long as I did! I’ve owned it for a 1+ years, and finally was pushed to read it as part of a buddy read this week. I absolutely adored every word of it, and will be moving on to Godsgrave soon. Jay Kristoff has cemented himself as a new favorite author this week!

Netgalley |

No new approvals to note, as of yet, though I have 10 books pending at the moment. Knowing my luck they’ll probably all get approved at the same time.

Bookstagram |

I took a short hiatus from Instagram this week. I didn’t start out the week intending to, but at the same time I feel like I needed a breather from it. Of all the social media platforms I’m on, Instagram is the one that I feel like is really difficult to stay current with. Every time I open the app up there’s like 100 new posts, comments and friend requests to catch up on. It’s lovely, having that amount of interaction but sometimes I just need to step back from it and regain my sanity. This was one of those weeks.

Book Tags|

I’m really loving Book Tags now that I understand how to participate in them, and am not so shy about tagging others in them! They’re a really great way of interacting with all of you and getting to know each other.

This week I participated in the This or That book tag.

Top 10 Tuesday |

Top 10 Tuesday was a challenging on this week! Books I Didn’t Fully Enjoy But Am Glad I Read. While I do DNF things from time to time, I try and keep this blog a positive influencing place for everyone who happens by it. I want to encourage the art of reading, rather than dissuade people from it. This topic was a little negative for me, but I managed to scrounge a list together.

Badges Collected |

Top 10 Tuesday Week 3WWW3This or That book tagNevernight by Jay Kristoff

How is your month going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? Let me know in the comments section below!




25 thoughts on “Wrap Up | May 2018 – Week 3

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  1. Well Bentley a slower but not bad week! I’ve read and loved Tethered Souls by Beth Flynn and today finished my read of Atticus by Sawyer Bennet (ARC with chapters read from the dog’s POV). 😉

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  2. Awesome weekly wrap up. Even though you only read one book Nevernight is massive so the fact that you finished it and got a review up that is awesome. I need to find a way to make myself accountable for my Instagram like this, because I have fallen way behind on the picture taking. Also, I feel like all publishers get together and approve on NetGalley at the same time because I always get mine either approved or declined together lol. Here’s to next week being more productive for your liking!

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I tried to be less hard on myself because like you said, Nevernight is definitely a challenging read. Instagram is so difficult to keep motivated on imo. It’s such a busy platform, and it’s really, really difficult to find a regular audience who returns each time I post. Sort of demoralizing I guess. I feel like the community I’ve met through my blog is really *my* community and home.

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  3. As you know I loved your Nevernight review. I can understand your Insta break, I have to say that one of the blogging aspects that I never considered and at times find challenging is the social media platforms. (Insta, FB, Twitter and Tumblr are ones that I post on and my brain gets pretty fried by it!)
    That happened to me with NetGalley, I currently have 7! Have a good new week. 🙂

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    1. I definitely did not consider the time commitment that blogging really entails. I sort of have to step back some of my social media from time to time just for the sake of my own mental health. Plus, if I didn’t step back from Instagram a little, I’d never have time to read!

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  4. I get you, man. It’s healthy to take time off now and then!

    I just joined Edelweiss last night, I’m presuming it’s harder to get approved there but I hope I’m wrong 😀 Downloaded 2 books that didn’t need requesting. DNF-ed 2 books from NetG cuz WHY NOT 😁 I figured time saved on books that I found to be unsatisfactory was more time for my ARC tbr list!

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    1. Edelweiss is really difficult to get approved through. I think it’s mostly for librarians, teachers and paid bloggers that work for much larger journals or papers rather than private blogs. Still, I’ve been approved for a couple of titles through there, so it’s still worth the effort!

      I just DNFed one on Netgalley recently too. I used to feel guilty about it, but I can’t anymore. Life is too short to spend on books that we’re not enjoying!

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      1. That’s insightful😊 I got declined for 3 and approved for 2, but yeah, getting even a few approved is worth it!! And I agree, DNFing responsibly is the key 😀


  5. i am soooo glad you loved nevernight! it’s been on my tbr forever and i honestly don’t know why i’m putting it off. hope your next week is a little less tiring! ❤


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