Wrap Up | June 2019 – Week One

It’s been about one week of steady blogging for me again. I feel like I’m really getting back into the swing of things, and I’m really excited about it! It’s been amazing to reconnect with all of my old blogging buddies over the course of this week. It’s so nice having such a supportive network of book lovers to chat with about our shared love of reading and all things books. I’ve still not found anything quite so close to that in my real life, and I can’t express how invaluable I find you all for the support you’ve shared with me.

Without further ado, lets just jump right in!

Reviews |

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

YA Paranormal / Mystery| Think crime/thriller framed within a paranormal setting! This novel was super cute. A story as much about friendship as it was a story about teenage girls messing with forces beyond their comprehension. I really enjoyed the two main characters and the way they played off of one another.

Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

Suspense Thriller | Mary Kubica was on my list of authors I absolutely must read at some point, and I’m glad I picked such a great book to start with! I loved the dual storylines in this novel and the way they sort of spin together over the course of the story. Quinn and Alex were great characters, and the mystery kept me guessing right up until the end!

Bookstagram |

Instagram is one of the social media platforms I struggle with the most. It is incredibly demanding of a blogger’s time and energy in my opinion. I used to aim for 5 photos a week – one for every weekday – but I’ve decided that’s a little insane if I’m also trying to blog, read and review books regularly.

I think I’ve got a system nailed down now though. I photograph my books midmorning on Sunday, (when the light seems to be best in my house) and am now aiming to upload to my feed Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of every day of the week. It gives me extra time to catch up on comments and reciprocate likes to all my friends. Best of all, this gives me more time during the week to just focus on reading. This week, I uploaded the following to my feed:

Book Tags|

This week I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out by clicking the badge below!

Top 10 Tuesday |

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was really fun! Top 10 Favorite Books from my Favorite Genre! I really, really love the fantasy genre and don’t get enough opportunities to talk about the books I loved within it!

Badges Collected |

Reflections |

I’m a week back into the blogging game and I’m having so much fun! I also am going to count my blessings, because thus far, the books I’ve been reading lately have all been super entertaining and captivating!

I think that taking a step away to sort of reset and have a breather was exactly the right thing for me during my hiatus. It helped remind me of what I love about reading, and reminded me of how valuable all my friends within this community are as well. I’m still chugging along and really excited about the books I’m reading at the moment! New reviews will be up soon!

How is your reading year going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? What have I missed this year that I need to know??



19 thoughts on “Wrap Up | June 2019 – Week One

Add yours

  1. Bentley I am so happy that you are back and that your step away was the right decision to “rekindle the flame” I’d say! I agree with you that Instagram is a big investment of time but on the other hand I think it’s also the most creative social media if you are into expressing yourself through art.

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  2. Glad to hear you’re having a great time returning from your hiatus! 🙂

    Also, WOW, Don’t You Cry has such a gorgeous cover! I’m gonna add to my TBR. I just finished reading The Last Time I Lied and I was super addicted and now I’m eager to explore the thriller genre!

    Happy reading & blogging!

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  3. Great wrap! I love your Instagram photos… they are all so aesthetic!! I wish I could take fab pics like yours.. but I really suck at it lol

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  4. I’m glad you had a productive month and that you also enjoyed those read especially Undead Girl Gang! I have that and can’t wait to pick it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love your IG. I agree that it requires lots of time and effort to get the staging and all right. I’d like to include props and such in my photos too, but every time I end up feeling too lazy to commit to doing so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Zezee! Yeah devoting time to developing a photoshoot every weekend for my books just gets a bit exhausting. Especially as I quickly run out of props to use and start recycling them in other photos. I think it’s just necessary for me from a mental health standpoint to take a break now and again – just to sort of remove the pressure.


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