Wrap Up | June 2019 – Week Two

This week I attempted to be productive and worked behind the scenes on the blog a bit. There have been some changes I’ve meant to implement for ages now and just never gotten around to it. I’ve been slowly working on redesigning my blog over the last few months – new logos, new signature and basically a whole new style.

However, I realized in the midst of this that my blog was pretty difficult to navigate, especially when it came to finding particular types of posts – or particular reviews. So I worked on creating custom menus to make the blog a little bit easier to navigate. I’m mostly done with it – but who knew that trying to tame WordPress’ menu function would be so difficult?!

Anyway, now you have the capability of sorting reviews by Genre, Publisher, or by rating. Of course, my older blog posts I wasn’t using tags appropriately, so I’m slowly going back and adding in tags where needed to the older reviews so they’ll show up on these lists.

I also updated my “about me” section, which was woefully underdeveloped and was basically a three sentence summary that I typed up when I first started blogging.

Try clicking around the menus a bit and let me know what you think. If you find any dead links, I’d love to know!

Reviews |

The Shape of Water by Daniel Kraus and Guillermo Del Toro

Historical Fantasy / Magical Realism / Romance| The novel adaptation of last year’s critical awards darling, The Shape of Water. Beautifully written and lyrical in its style, The Shape of Water reveals in the context of the time period it is set in, framing each character’s actions as a result of societal pressures placed on them due to their gender, sexuality or position in society.

Kings of the Wyld by Nicolas Eames

Fantasy / Adventure / Humor | One of the best fantasy reads I’ve had the pleasure of reading in ages! I’m only sad that I waited as long as I did to get around to this one. Filled to the brim with memorable characters, and awesome world-building, Kings of the Wyld had everything that I look for in fantasy. I can’t wait to get to the sequel!

Bookstagram |

Instagram is one of the social media platforms I struggle with the most. It is incredibly demanding of a blogger’s time and energy in my opinion. I used to aim for 5 photos a week – one for every weekday – but I’ve decided that’s a little insane if I’m also trying to blog, read and review books regularly.

I think I’ve got a system nailed down now though. I photograph my books midmorning on Sunday, (when the light seems to be best in my house) and am now aiming to upload to my feed Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of every day of the week. It gives me extra time to catch up on comments and reciprocate likes to all my friends. Best of all, this gives me more time during the week to just focus on reading. This week, I uploaded the following to my feed:

Book Tags|

I wasn’t nominated for any book tags this week – but hopefully I’ll have some content to add here next week! Feel free to tag me in all your tag posts friends. I’ll happily reciprocate at least once a week. 🙂

Top 10 Tuesday |

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a challenging one! Top 10 Unpopular Bookish Opinions! I’ve been trying to keep my blog upbeat and positive since my return from hiatus, and I hate feeling like my opinions are sometimes at odds with my friends. I did cook up some ideas for this post though when all was said and done.

Badges Collected |

Reflections |

I wish I had managed one more post this week than I did (posted 4 times during the week, only missing Friday) but I think I made up for it with the time I spent organizing my blog and trying to get menus functioning appropriately.

I’m really excited about next week’s reviews though. I had an awesome buddy read this week for Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl, and can’t wait to share my thoughts on the book with all of you!

How is your reading year going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? What have I missed this year that I need to know??



17 thoughts on “Wrap Up | June 2019 – Week Two

Add yours

  1. Hi Bentley! I love what you write about managing the blog (and yes menus are very important yet tricky), IG etc because it takes time and we have to find our own “pace”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like you had a great week. I’ve been a bit lacking this week and last as I’ve just returned to work. I’m still trying to find the work/blog/home life balance but I’ll get there.
    Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Man … I barely get my monthly wrap ups done … and you do weekly ones!

    I loved your review of Kings of the Wyld … it’s all I’ve been thinking about now! I also love your Instagram! I need to revamp mine soon but I have to go out and buy some stuff for it ha-ha!

    Wonderful wrap up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jenna! I like to do Weekly wrap ups as I feel it helps keep me on track. Otherwise I lose all sense of my own progress and before I know it I’m 2 reviews behind haha.

      I definitely need to get some more decor items for my instagram. I feel so bad that I’ve been reusing stuff so often but it’s an expensive hobby on top of all the book buying!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I use my Bullet Journal for that 🙂 I have a calendar for all my posts and a chart for things I’m working on 😀

        I think I’m going to go out tonight or tomorrow. I just also feel cheap and refuse to buy expensive items lol!! I think I’m just going to get about 10 things and use them randomly so they look different. I also plan to do more outdoor posts and I want to randomly buy bookish candles to support some people on insta.

        But I feel you with the money … I’ve been getting better at borrowing library books … unless they’re super pretty he-he!

        Liked by 1 person

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