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What a week! Is it friday yet?? Only the thought of the weekend where I can relax with a good book and hopefully some sunshine is pulling me through. Work has been really hectic lately, and then I arrived home today to no power as a storm had knocked down a line down the street.

Cut to me, trying to read by candlelight until the power finally kicked back on so I could get on with some blogging!

Thank you to Sophie Li @ Sophie’s Corner for tagging me to participate in this book tag! Sophie’s blog is awesome. I love the aesthetic of it – nautical themed and totally gorge – and Sophie’s reviews and posts are really something else. I love all of her insights on blogging, reading and writing! If you’re not following her, give the link above a click and go check out her blog! 🙂

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What better pick for this section than a book that prominently features a voyage by sea? The Sea of Monsters sees Percy Jackson and Co setting off an a dangerous journey across the sea that pits them against mythical creatures that were a joy to see revisited here. Also, the Hippocampi were introduced in this book, and I absolutely loved them! I’m a sucker for friendly magical creatures.

You all know that I don’t read much romance – really any, if I’m honest – so I had to seek out books I’ve read that had subplots with romance in them for these answers! Nevernight had a surprising romantic subplot between Mia and Tric that was one of the steamiest I’d seen put to page.

I was really surprised at how the chemistry between these two characters developed, and was even more surprised to find myself rooting for them in the midst of all the chaos and death.

The majority of fantasy novels include a roadtrip somewhere along the way. That’s part of the joy of fantasy: visiting new and unique worlds with interesting characters, creatures and magic to captivate you along the way. No journey has quite captivated me like the one in this novel here.

Reunited 20 years after their glory days, Clay Cooper and his friends travel through the Heart of the Wyld in order to rescue one of their daughters from the horrific horde amassed there. The journey was filled with absolutely everything I look for from fantasy. A true delight!

I’m using the same pick as Sophie here – but this title is just so fitting in this spot! One of my absolute top favorite reads of 2017 – The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo was set in the midst of Hollywood glamour. Celebrities flit in and out of Evelyn’s storyline and we the reader are quickly treated to the lesson that all that glitters isn’t always gold. One thing is for sure – this book sure is!

I read this book ages and ages ago – well before I ever started blogging – but I still remember a fair bit of it. It just stuck with me when I read it, and had a large impact on me. The writing is lyrical and beautiful, and the storyline is a great take on familiar fantasy tropes.

It’s familiar enough to breeze through, but complex and unique enough in its intricacies that I think one could mine these pages for years before they truly master the lore Rothfuss included here.

The romance in this book is so strange, I almost hesitate to call it a romance at all – considering that it takes place between a woman and a fishman – but whatever it is certainly is sweet. I loved the connection between Elisa and the creature, and the way they both grow and change over the course of the novel because of that link between them.

It feels strange to describe a retelling of Peter Pan as “fresh” – but this book was so unique in its take on the story that I hesitate to call it anything else. Neverland is now Avalon, and Peter is a much darker character that steals away human children to his world to enlist them in a fight against the dastardly villains populating his lands.

It’s such a dark and compelling take on the story!

I think finding her place amongst the pantheon of Greek Gods and man, within a deeply patriarchal society counts as tackling an obstacle. Circe was such a strong character from beginning to end, and I loved seeing the way she grew in this book!

As much as Game of Thrones is filled with blood, death and mayhem, it’s also filled with pages upon pages of descriptions of delicious sounding food. Martin seems to revel in making his readers hungry as he centers many of the slower scenes involving discussion around feasts and celebrations.

The Nominees

May @ ForeverandEverly
Kristen @ KristenKravesBooks
Jill @ Jill’s Book Blog
Shanah @ The Bionic Bookworm
Melanie @ TBR and Beyond


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  1. ZOMG, you’re SO right about the food in GoT! My mouth was watering half the time, in between hanging open at all the gruesome deaths and backstabbing 🙈 Oddly, I also found the same in The Hunger Games – I know the whole point was that they were starving, but when they were describing the food of the capital and tucking into lamb stews when they were starving! Drool! And you’ve got a couple others from my TBR here – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and The Shape Of Water… a great round up! Love it!

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