Wrap Up | July 2019 – Week One

Sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short with this update this week, but last week got away from me! It being a holiday weekend here in America, I had a lot of plans with family and friends, and unfortunately that kept me from much of my reading and reviewing duties for the latter half of the week. I had an amazing weekend though! I took some extra time off of work for the occasion, and for once we were blessed with some really gloriously beautiful weather – which was a nice change of pace!

So while I didn’t get much done in the form of book blogging, I was with you all in spirit and looking forward to the moment when I could engage again in the community, starting fresh this week. I’m in for a fun month of reads – I’m really looking forward to the books I’ve got on my list! First, here’s a look back on last week!

Reviews |

Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames

Fantasy / Adventure / Humor | What a fantastic sequel to Kings of the Wyld! Taking place six years after the conclusion of the last book, this entry introduces a new set of characters, and Rose herself as her band seeks out glory in the Wyld. This one was a bit of a slower burn than the first book, but I loved the character journeys that each of the prominent figures in the story took.

Bookstagram |

I managed to get 3 sets of photos up on bookstagram this past week! This one ended up being a little challenging as the first book I photographed, The Mirror’s Truth by Michael R Fletcher didn’t actually have an inside cover page as it was self-published without one. But indie authors deserve beautiful photo love too, so I featured the first page instead.

Book Tags|

I didn’t participate in any tags last week, but I’ll be jumping back into this this week – probably on Thursday or Friday. 🙂

Top 10 Tuesday |

This week’s topic Top 10 Childhood Favorites invoked so much nostalgia in me! I was drawn right back to elementary school, when I would so look forward to Scholastic Book Sales and trips to the school library. I really developed my love for reading at a very young age, so it was actually a challenge whittling down my favorites from my childhood for this post!

Badges Collected |

Reflections |

So, I had a slow week last week, and for that I apologize! I’m planning to get back into it this week and do my best to catch up. I hope you all had an amazing week though! Summer is truly in full swing, so I hope that you all are managing to enjoy some great books, and some awesome weather at the same time!

How is your reading year going? Reading anything great? Writing anything? What have I missed this year that I need to know??



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