Rating System

In case you’re confused about my rating system – here’s the gist of it!

★★★★★ – Holy crap! This book was AMAZING! It hit all the right notes for me and is a book I will cherish forever. 
★★★★ – This book was great! I took some small issues with something in the book, but still loved it and would recommend it to anyone. 
★★★ – This book was okay. I’m glad I read it and it entertained me, but I wouldn’t read it again. 
★★ – This book really let me down. I finished it, but wouldn’t recommend it or read it again and would likely avoid this author again in the future. 
 – This book was not for me! Or anyone, really. Not a fan.

Of note, I don’t tend to give out many 1 star reviews anymore. I used to power through to the end of those books, but now, with the amount of books I have in my TBR backlog, I’m more likely to DNF them instead.

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