★ Welcome to Book Bastion ★

I’m Bentley and I’m a book blogger from New England. I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember, and that love has translated into lifelong passion for books that led me to this moment, and you to this blog.

I’m an active book reviewer that is always looking for new friends to discuss the things I read with! Feel free to add me on social media to follow all of my posts across all platforms.

Review Policy

1. If you are a publisher or author looking for me to review an ARC of your book, please visit my Contact Me page and use the attached form.

2. I am a Genre hopper, but my preferred genres to read from are:

  • Fantasy
  • YA
  • NA
  • Suspense
  • Middle Grade
  • Science Fiction

3. I will read your book in exchange for an honest review only.


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